The practical application of drone technology is virtually limitless with new uses identified almost daily.

If there’s a job that requires imaging, measurement, observation or inspection from or at elevation then it is likely a job that can be made safer, simpler, more efficient and cost effective through the use of drone technology.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Beautiful high resolution photographs and video from truly amazing perspectives.

Our drones can be piloted to frame up the perfect shot from the perfect altitude and angle.

Full-time camera control, live camera view, GPS drone stabilisation and precise camera gimbal stabalisation allow us to capture epic imagery.

On-screen GPS telemetry combined with a live camera feed on the ground allows us to frame up the perfect shot at the perfect altitude and angle.

Real Estate

Accentuate a property’s unique features, showcase a perfect landscape and highlight proximity to local amenities.

Our real estate photography and video packages provide an exciting way to set your listings apart from the competition.

Asset Management & Inspection

Detailed high resolution drone imagery allows for up close inspection without the traditional disruption to normal business.

Utilising the latest multidirectional collision avoidance and flight stabalisation systems our drones can be deployed to inspect inaccessible or dangerous structures at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional methods involving full size aircraft, scaffolding, cranes and people working at height.

Project Monitoring

Safe, efficient and cost effective options for monitoring construction projects.

Our drones provide you with a unique perspective on your project, enabling you to monitor construction from all angles and elevations.

Equipped with the latest positioning systems, our drones can be programmed with coordinates and elevations ensuring your project is viewed from the same vantage point over time.